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Favorite Recipes


These are some of our favorite recipes; you know, the ones that we always bring to parties etc. No kidding, if you don't try some of these you're missing some really good eats


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bulletNoodle Kugel - From Bobbie Frazin's sister Harriet
bulletCranberry Chicken - The easiest fancy dinner in the world
bulletShrimp Mousse - From Sue Hollander
bulletMarie Hall's amazing Buttermilk Brownies
bulletUnbelievably good Granola recipe from George Williams College
bulletCaesar Salad - For some parties, this is a mandatory offering
bulletRhonda Owen's Healthy Corn Muffins - Healthy but good anyway!
bulletWatch Larry Pekoe de-bone a chicken for Turducken
bulletYogi tea - Good for digestion inflamation, diabetes, and cholesterol.
bulletSpiced Peaches


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