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These are my documents and magazine articles (mostly Sporting Clays Magazine) that I have found interesting. I hope the publishers don't sue me.

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bulletTrapshooting Fundamentals
bullet Caesar Guerini Summit Impact - Sporting Clays 2010
bullet Shotgun Handling Sporting - Clays 2010
bullet Skeet v. Clays - Sporting Clays 2008
bullet 7/8 oz loads - Sporting Clays 2010
bullet The Game Behind the Game - Sporting Clays 2009
bullet Choke Tubes - Sporting Clays 2008
bullet Tactics for Visual Transitions - Sporting Clays 2009
bullet Steel Shot for Sporting Clays - Sporting Clays 2008
bullet Favorite Reloading Recipes
bullet Make a Plan - Shoot Your Plan

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